Genie Hien Tran

Hello! Thanks for checking out my page. Despite the multiple squinting and scowling images of me, I am nice! I'm currently working as a graphic designer, an art director and a visual artist in Minneapolis, MN. I love making beautiful and meaningful things. Every 4-6 months I switch up my hobby and make it my whole personality, currently it's crochet 🥳 Let's make some cool stuff together!

Artist Bio:

Genie Hien Tran (Trần Phan Minh Hiền) is a visual artist and designer from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.Her artistic practice often takes the form of collage, design, poetry and installation in order to explore the complexity of home, belonging and identity. She has exhibited at Public Functionary Gallery, White Bear Center for the Arts, Rochester Art Center, MCAD Gallery 148, Suitcase Gallery, Pablo Center at the Confluence, Foster Gallery, Cherry House Art Fest and is published at Volume One Magazine, Leader-Telegram, Twas zine, TWIG Magazine, and UWEC Flipside Publication. She received her MFA in Visual Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2022 and BFA in Illustration at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2018.

Photo of me on the homepage is by Drew Arrieta, at the In Other Miles artist talk in Minneapolis, 2023.

Check out Genie's Resume and CV here.

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