Genie Hien Tran (Trần Phan Minh Hiền) is an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in Minneapolis, MN. She was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and recently received her MFA degree in Visual Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Her work takes the form of collage, painting, installation and writing in order to explore the boundaries of form and material, of poetic text and imagery. As a migrant in the U.S, Tran creates work that engages with personal narrative and family history through working with archival memory, so as to conjure up dialogues of identity, displacement and belonging. Her work operates as a sign of resilience and a starting point for healing while surviving in the state of transience.

She has exhibited at Rochester Art Center, MCAD Gallery 148, Suitcase Gallery, Pablo Center at the Confluence, Foster Gallery, Cherry House Art Fest and is published at Volume One Magazine, Leader-Telegram, Twas zine, TWIG Magazine, and UWEC Flipside Publication.

She can be reached at geniehien.tran@gmail.com

Check out Genie's Resume and CV here.


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