Genie Hien Tran

A visual identity & brand guidelines for Minnesota Opera's new podcast, crescendo. crescendo is a new podcast that aims to provide young artists and anyone curious about a career in the arts with current perspectives on navigating performance art industries—from classical music to musical theater, from the stage to behind the curtain.

Playful, energetic & bold in color palette and iconographies. The colors were chosen to represent both drama and youthfulness of theater and contemporary opera, while the main font, Cabinet Grotesk, was chosen due to its eye-catching, loud, structured yet personal while being a sans-serif.

The icons created for fall into two categories: expand/transform or step/support. They can be used as patterns, great for filling in spaces and serve as an additional meaning behind the crescendo brand.

Besides the solid color backgrounds, gradients can be used selectively as a way to evoke transformation, change and becoming.

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Design and creative direction

Research and support: Crystal Xayana
Copy: Amran Abdulkadir and Rocky Jones
Marketing effort: Gretchen Halverson
crescendo team: Rick Hoops, Jared Miller, Rocky Jones and Emillia Mettenbrink

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